The following quotes are from a voluntary survey Mudra Yoga Studio distributed in 2012. All student names were kept anonymous.

“Love this studio. Location is perfect for me, love the staff and the workout is always great! The prenatal classes have been so important to me throughout my pregnancy and I’m so grateful Mudra Yoga Studio offers them!”

“I feel that Mudra Yoga Studio embodies the true spirit of yoga!”

“I love the small local nature of the studio. I prefer this over large studios that just crank through classes and have an impersonal feel to them.”

“Teachers are amazing and the ambiance is one of a kind. This studio is wonderful and I miss being there more often.”

“I LOVE this studio. It is my all time favorite. I absolutely love the space and the fantastic atmosphere. I have been very impressed with every teacher’s skill and compassion, and with the variety of classes. I only wish I could attend more often, but I look forward to participating more. It makes a positive difference in my life!!”


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