New to Yoga? Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to your yoga journey! At Mudra Yoga Studio our mission is to bring you the most caring and well-trained yoga instructors in Denver. Just as important we have designed our studios to be peaceful, inviting and supportive. We know stepping onto your mat for the first time can feel intimidating – we want your mat to feel like home.

Here are a few tips for new students. Also check out our FAQ for more information. Our best advice for a new yogi is to approach your mat with an open mind, a bright sense of humor and an adventurous spirit.

Feel free to contact us with questions.

What classes are best for a beginner?
We have a wide variety of classes for beginners at Mudra Yoga Studio. Our Fundamentals classes are a wonderful introduction to yoga as well as our Align classes. Our Hot yoga classes are a great way to detox your body and learn a practice that puts minimal weight on arms and shoulders. Finally, if you’re looking for a slower-paced class, check out our Slow Flow and/or Restorative classes. Most importantly, try a number of classes and instructors – you’re sure to find one that’s right for you!
I’m not very flexible – is yoga for me?
Once you dive in you’ll realize yoga isn’t about touching your toes. Yes, you’ll become more flexible the more you practice. But yoga is really about creating a peaceful mind, deepening your breath and connecting with your authentic self. The big bonus? Your body will get stronger and more flexible along the way.
I have an injury – what do I need to know?
It’s always best to consult your doctor before any physical activity if you have questions or concerns. At Mudra Yoga Studio we have such a variety of classes we can accommodate most injuries. IMPORTANT: Please tell your instructor if you have an injury as he/she can give you modifications or advise you of poses to avoid.
How much does a class cost?

For all Denver-area residents new to Mudra Yoga Studio we offer a $5 first-time drop in OR 30 days for $30!  See our Rates & Packages to review additional offers and class packages. (NOTE: you will save money by purchasing a class package!)

Do I need to sign-up ahead of time?
It’s best to sign up online for your favorite class, however, it’s not required. On the rare occasion that a class is at capacity those students that sign up ahead of time will receive preference.
What do I need to wear?
You are welcome to wear comfortable, fitted or semi-fitted, breathable clothing (like you might wear to the gym). Light layers will help to adjust for temperature changes during and after class. A light sweatshirt or sweater will assure a cozy savasana!
What should I bring?
Bring a water bottle, small towel and yoga mat if you have one. To keep our commitment to staying green we do not sell bottles of water that will end up in a landfill. Instead, bring your own bottle and fill up at our water fountain. You will most likely sweat so a hand towel is nice to have on hand.
Do I need a yoga mat?
We have yoga mats at the studio you may borrow. We also sell yoga mats at Mudra Yoga Studio. With a regular yoga practice you’ll likely want to purchase your own mat – it’s like bringing a little piece of home with you to class.
Should I eat before a class?
While this is a personal choice, it’s best to avoid eating two hours prior to class. Make sure to also come hydrated.
Do you have any deals or specials?

See our Rates & Packages to check out our new student special ($5 drop in or 30 days for $39)

We also offer 10% discount on packages and retail and $13 drop-ins for students, K-12 and post-secondary teachers, active military and seniors (age 65+).

Finally, make sure you follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)!  We occasionally offer giveaways, coupons or deals.

Top 5 Tips for Stepping onto Your Mat

Know that this is a journey. You may feel shaky in your first Crescent Lunge or fall out of a standing pose – it’s okay! Know that you will build strength and flexibility over time but for the present moment just be gentle with your changing practice.
You may find you need a toasty warm Hot Yoga class on one night and then a relaxing Restorative class on the weekend. Get to know the different types of classes so you can serve your body and spirit.
No yoga class is the same and our teachers at Mudra Yoga Studio bring something unique to each class. You may find different teachers serve different needs for your practice – give yourself permission to explore.
Leave your cell phone at the door and allow yourself to dive in without distraction. Allow enough time before and after class to enjoy your time at our studio.
Make sure to arrive a few minutes before class to get yourself settled, meet your instructor and let him/her know of any injuries or concerns (even if you’re just a bit nervous). Wear comfortable, fitted clothes and remember to bring your water bottle, towel and open mind!